Michael Seville: All Value, All the Time

Michael Seville, had been in the Industry of changing lives ever since he was born (ask his mother). Living a purpose driven life he has founded H.E.L.P HOUSE a Transitional Community.  He has also been involved in bridging the gap through his community involvement and mentorship programs.

Writing this page felt like an obituary…  I am a CULTURE CHANGER, and in the spirit of change I decided to lighten it up a bit with a picture BIO and my side notes (mind of a maniac or genius, the line is pretty thin)…. Enjoy


Born: Paterson (how about that Paterson not Patterson), New Jersey @ General Hospital (can’t make this up)
(I suppose my head was always big)


Raised in Sunny West Palm Beach,FL
(I live pretty close to this sign)


Attended THE Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University ( I thought  was going to be tractors and cows there when I was younger) where I earned my B.S degree in Psychology.
(And not a meal was missed in Tallahassee)
After my Stint on the Hill (FAMU Nickname) I moved back to West Palm Beach, To claim my place as Palm Beach’s Finest… First thing was lose the weight I found on the Hill…
Check out my Fitness Journey Here.
Always progressing, always moving forward, Things either are growing or dying… Grow with me as we Bridge the Gap.
Gladiators are you ready?!!!!
I was born ready.


Christmas Eve baby, so my parents decided to name me Christopher on December 24th, 1986. Chris for Christmas, very original huh? Born and raised in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida.


Chris is a visionary with the determination of being successful, often confused by others with being overdriven. Chris thinks, in fact, he thinks too much! His primary goal is to find a solution to any problem that presents itself, in other words he is solution oriented.
Chris was always intrigued and influenced by science and math, allowing him to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. Chris only years spent outside of West Palm Beach were the years in Tallahassee while attending The Florida State University.
Graduating in 2009, Chris had no idea what he was in for. The economy was at an all time low and jobs were not as promising. This was the turning point in Chris’ life; he realized opportunities did not come to those who just waited, and then learned the art of the hustle. This meant, he learned humility, but also found the spark of his entrepreneur spirit.
Now he resides back in his hometown, West Palm Beach. He has all intentions of uplifting the urban community through his and his partners’ success with H.E.L.P. House International, LLC.