How to crush your Real Estate competition


Let’s first be clear: There is no such thing as competition; if you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll come to realize that competition only takes place within your mind. Take the real estate industry for instance — after spotting their dream home, many people may believe that they have to compete with other potential buyers and make the winning bid. But in truth, there is an endless supply of housing, and that next house may in fact end up being their true “dream house”.


My job as a real estate expert is made easier because I know your dream home is out there AND readily available. Coupled with my experience and extensive training, I work seamlessly with my clients, providing efficient and exceptional service.


However,, I believe that there are three integral factors that drive decisive execution for Real Estate entrepreneurs.


Consistency is a major key! As a Real Estate professional, you should not allow yourself to be caught up in the new wave; instead, stick to what is tried and true while allowing yourself to make adjustments. Once you develop the ability to consistently complete a task, like prospecting a potential client, you will understand the subtleties of those who truly need the service of a Real Estate professional and those who are just “kicking tires”.


Positive outlook is the second factor in being able to consistently perform at a peak level. At the start of your Real Estate career, you will spend a significant amount of time building your foundation and developing your niche. If you do this with integrity, it may be slow going for a while. Even for seasoned professionals, you too will have your slow periods, when it seems that there is nothing on the horizon or a deal becomes more complicated and thus more stressful for you and your clients. My suggestion is that you reframe your thoughts and shift your mindset. Given the choice, the mind will always shift towards the negative; therefore, don’t give it a choice. As the saying goes, “Bad Data in, Bad Data Out”. It is truly Binary!


Self-Awareness is the ultimate driver. There is no real competition, save for the man in the mirror. Always strive to beat your last mark.  Know that if people choose to compete with you, they are only competing with the you of yesterday, and you’re aim is to beat the heck out of that guy and your past efforts. Understand and utilize your strengths, identify your weaknesses and work (or delegate) through them..


Always progressing, always growing, and always evolving will essentially allow you to obliterate your competition.


Michael “Worldboss” Seville

Real Estate Professional

Stein Posner Real Estate

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