Real Estate Exam


I am in the real estate industry. I remember my mother investing in properties back when I was a child. I eventually started officially in property and project management working for an investor about six years ago.

I have always subscribed to the following investment model when it comes to real estate: “buying undervalued property, bringing value to it through whatever means and selling it to market at a higher price (flip) and renting it (hold).” It is a tried and true method of building wealth.

As of late, my mentors (much to my reluctance) have been hinting that I get my real estate license and become a realtor just to be privy to the wealth of knowledge they have access to.

Makes sense right…

However, the real estate agent in Florida has always been the arch nemesis of a sound investor. As investors, we assume the most risk, having to be part mortgage lender, part contractor, part marketer, and part real estate agent. It’s our money, reputation, and time on the line, and here comes the stereotypical “agent” who usually knows less about the property, market, and financial aspects of the industry. All they do is show up late, open the door and make uneducated remarks — yet, somehow they know what littoral means.

So I put some of the blame for not taking the exam on those stereotypical realtors, but after some self checking, I believe it was partly because of my ego, what if I didn’t pass that state exam?

After coming to this realization, I decided to take the advice of my mentors, enrolled in an online class and completed it in three days. I promptly scheduled the exam two weeks later, walked in and…

I wish I could say I passed it on the first try, but the truth was it was nothing but GOD, and I was just a passenger. The ability to be around and gain knowledge from such great people really made the difference, that and my prayer warriors. I’m excited about this step, but not enough to sit back and take a rest. It’s time to join the ranks of the successful licensees.

However. I’ll always be an investor first!

Oh yeah, and by the way:

Littoral rights are usually concerned with the use and enjoyment of the shore.

Love y’all,

– Worldboss

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