Humility and patience



I can’t overstate the importance of these two words. We have officially left the microwave generation and entered into the wifi generation. Speed, speed, and more speed.

Businesses need to respond within 1 hour to handle customer complaints, no matter the size of the company. That pizza better be ready made by the time I get there or there is gonna be hell to pay.


In the world of real estate, we will hire a guy to sit in the city office and make sure we are streamlining the process (because let’s be honest — the only organization this doesn’t apply to is government).


It’s speed people, urgency and intensity, and then there is a but…


The ‘but’ is this insatiable desire for speed and is done in the micro. The longevity of a successful empire is in the humility and patience of enduring the macro vision of building that empire. This is what separates the legends from the flash in the pan superstars. Do you remember Ms. Cleo, the Caribbean accented lady who promised she could foresee your future? She made a Brinks truck of money in the micro, and you don’t have to do much internet research to know that most of what she told those poor disenfranchised people never came true…


On a macro level, Ms. Cleo’s integrity was compromised when all those opportunities she predicted never quite panned out… because let’s face it, where is the romanticism in preaching real work, humility and patience?


We live in an illusion where just because we can begin to google a question — that our lives should somehow mimic the same pattern.


Well let’s put a stop to this. You’re 30-plus, and you’ve coasted long enough. Nobody is gonna save you and that lottery win is not coming anytime soon. It’s time to apply your humility and patience in the long-term and your urgency and intensity in the short-term. Put your head down and go hard, all with zero complaints.


Let me tell you what will happen when this strategy is applied.


Nothing, that’s right! Well, at least not for the first ten years. You will need to endure, and endure you shall. Perhaps if you keep pushing, that boulder will begin to move, and it will still require some more pushing so you just keep applying that energy until the you succeed.


It’s that simple. Do it with humility and just be patient about it. You are alive reading this message, you’ve already won — apply some humility and patience, and you will be great.


Love you guys,