Does that come as a shock?  I’m sure you know.  The saying goes nothing is for sure except Death and Taxes.  However, we don’t act like it.

We go about our daily life not paying attention to our health (both physical and mental) our spiritual life (i err on the side you better believe in something), or  how about just our plain unhappiness.

I don’t mean to sound like the cliche’ millennial but life IS to short to spend it at a place for 1/3 of your day.  IF you don’t like the people, you don’t believe in the mission, and worse of all it doesn’t fit into your purpose.  These are the truths.

After eulogizing both my grandmothers and my 2 sisters I thought If  I were to die today, how would i write my eulogy. What would I be known for? Who did I help? Why are people gathered here today?

And I did it…

I wrote my eulogy and I couldn’t bear the thought of being called a City Employee ( not that there is anything wrong with that), how I identified myself.  I needed to write my story the way I would like it to go, and if it didn’t end up that way (which it rarely does), I needed to know I at least made the attempt.  It was this resounding voice, couple with Drake that allowed me to make my decision to leave.

If your happy where you are in life and not complaining this isn’t for you, but if you know that your job is not utilizing your gifts and your miserable always remember this

YOU WILL DIE, so make it easy on the eulogizer and be an active contributor.