What Type of Mentality Will I Have Today?


There are three different types of mentalities I could wake up with every day: a prisoner, a tourist or a partner.

The prisoner mentality usually starts off with me being imprisoned with negative thoughts and high doubt for the day. Especially, if I know the day is already set up the way I wish it wasn’t. Hearing that aloud reassures me that only I enable that thought. Those days are days when I do not want to confront the problem of the day whether it’s going to the dentist, working out, or most especially work. The best solution to this for me is throwing myself in solitary lockdown (mentally); taking 15 minutes of peace and prayer for motivation. Another part of the solution is doing what you love, so it’s not just work.

As for the tourist, I usually wake up happy with a do not give a “crap” attitude. These days are usually a Friday or any other unproductive day. The only intentions I have that day is to cruise on through. These to me are worse than the prisoner type of days because comfort creeps up and you become stagnant before you know it, just existing in awe. To avoid these days I simply started to plan and write down my goals for each day. If it’s anything I’ve learn, no matter what happens in YOUR life, the world keeps on spinning. As motivational speaker Eric ET Thomas would yell, “Ain’t no days off!” Hold yourself accountable to your to do list and once you get rolling, you won’t stop.

The ideal mentality is the partner mentality. Become the collaborator of your day. Sounds easy, right? A part of this means being engaged; stay alert through active listening, creative thinking, and keeping an open mind. Then you’ll have to make the difficult executive decisions that will support positive results for your day. Your day is your business. Start with investing in yourself and your day like a great business partner would. There has to be a commitment to the day on a daily basis. Once you make the commitment to your day every morning, you’ll gain chemistry and everything will fall into place for the day.

My personal guidelines to being a successful partner:

  • Being Grateful: Wake up and list 3 different people/things you are grateful for is a great way to start your day.
  • Planning: Plan your days with a to-do list and prioritize. Document your goals.
  • Recognition: Awareness is key. Connect your mind to your body and heart, but know the differences between the three. Then listen to it.
  • Exercising: Release endorphins and gets the blood flowing. Critical part of being effective is being physically healthy.
  • Being Decisive: Practice making decisions, wise ones. Once you make a decision act accordingly and adjust if needed, but never dwell on other options.
  • Being You: You have your OWN story, own it! Authenticity cannot be duplicated; people gravitate to that.

You are the perfect partner for your destiny, meaning you are in control decisions from the moment you wake up. Those same decisions will always have outcomes whether it’s on that day or a year from that day.

So if you wake up with the prisoner or tourist mentality, just go back to sleep and dream of success. Because that’s the closest you’ll get to it with those type of mentalities.