Maybe it’s our fault!


Maybe it’s our fault Roc;
They didn’t see the constant hustle and grind. I remember us going to Memorial Day weekend in Miami, you were up for 3 straight days. We had the boxes of shoes and you were selling them in front of the hotel room. While everyone was having a good time, you kept it business and showed me what work ethic was really about. Sleep at 5 in the morning and back up to drop me off at school in Tallahassee for my 7:30 class. All they saw was the Old School Chevy classic and all smiles, but we knew that it was 99% grind and 1% shine. May you rest in Peace!

Maybe it was our fault Beto;
They didn’t see you bug out on your 30th birthday with the papers in the room strategizing about the next move, or the 2 jobs and all day Saturday grind out of the trunks, we did from Palm Beach to Dade. Nope, all they see Kafe Hub, they feel the culture changing and see a beautiful marriage and focused entrepreneur.

Maybe it was our fault Biggs;
They didn’t see the double time you were pulling being at Help House until 6 in the morning and being at your Job at 8am. Still finding time to be a great father and keeping your family first. Nope, all they see is a smile on your face, while telling people to press harder and keeping all your promises, showing up for occasions and staying positive.

Maybe it’s my fault;
They don’t know the sleepless nights, the early donut calls, the reading and studying, the absence from occasions. All they see is the 24s, smiles and uplifting social media posts.

yeah maybe its our fault that we don’t show, so they don’t know the sacrifice.

I apologize if we made it look easy.


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