Sometimes our worst enemies are our frenemies. You know the ones that are friends, but enemies at the same time because they are most likely envious of you and your potential. They will most likely use harm (bad vibes, negative thoughts, or sometimes action) to stop and distract you in the middle of your journey to greatness. I see your wheels turning, starting to list the name of people that is on this list…I can tell you right now that I know 90% of your frenemies and you don’t even know it. Take a guess, I’ll wait.

It’s YOU! Yes, you are your self’s biggest frenemy. You cheer yourself on, dream big, write out plans, but then deep down you begin to put blocks up (subconsciously or consciously). The blocks are what you perceive as reality, hardships, excuses, or preparation. Sometimes it could be in relationships when everything’s going great, but an event or a friend reminds you of why your past relationships failed. Then that same voice of doubt from within tells you no way this can be perfect, look at the history.

What can you do to counter your biggest frenemy?

  1. Write it down. Literally grab a pen and pad and write down all of your positive thoughts and future endeavors. Put it out in the universe
  2. Get rid of friends or family that drains the positivity out of your day. I believe people can be poison because they automatically spoil your vibrations with their sorrow. Then, you are solving their problems more than they are or they don’t even take your solutions seriously. Please don’t misconstrue this to be unavailable and not supportive, there will be some events where you’ll have to be there for your friends or families.
  3. Counseling. There are two sides to this:
    • See a therapist like a psychologist to see what you can do about that inner voice that dooms you. Mental health is primary to a successful life in any aspect. Every mogul or person I know that is happy has some sort of peace of mind.
    • Believing in a higher purpose. For instance, my religion. Prayer is a form of therapy and counseling. It offers serenity in any event. And this kind of therapy is actually free!
  4. Be grateful. Make and gratitude list and actually focus on what you’re thankful for. Doing this will keep the upside on life and put things in perspective.
  5. Live. Take chances and shots you’ve always feared. Focus on the reward rather than the risk. Decompress and leave your natural habitat once in awhile to remind yourself there is more out there. Save your coins from not going to the local clubs and take trips.
  6. Repeat 1-5. Practice makes perfect.
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