95% of YOU will not read this…


The 95% are the sheeple. They will not change. They watch lots of T.V., (reality shows and/or news it doesn’t matter). They spend much of their time on Social Media and probably claim to be to be very religious. They complain a lot… They won’t do much unless led or it’s the popular thing to do. They talk more then they listen. And may I remind you they don’t read. 

The 1-2% are the overs users of the remaining 5%, You overanalyzers will overthink it, Google it,and find some way to discredit it. You do read and probably will continue to in hopes of finding that one “inspirational” thing that will lead you to advance from your mundane position. Most of you have decent jobs and make average money, However you and I both know your an underachiever but you choose to play it safe. Although the sheeple are Hopeless, they tend to be Happy after all ignorance is bliss… You, However  are not. I sincerely root for you. A quick word of advice, stay above the fray, they will only cause you to regress and really waste a lot of your time. They will not move to action on their own and they follow the quickest trend. I pray that you will find that inspirational money on your terms and not on the heels of tragedy, although death tends to make life so much realer!