Life can be going smooth as sail ride on a low tide Sunday. The only worries you may have are where is my favorite mug for my coffee or if you must do laundry after work. Every day is the same routine to the point that you begin to make decisions unconsciously; this pha [...]
There are three different types of mentalities I could wake up with every day: a prisoner, a tourist or a partner. The prisoner mentality usually starts off with me being imprisoned with negative thoughts and high doubt for the day. Especially, if I know the day is [...]
Ashley Nicole
I came to this blog, looking for some inspiration to write. Thanks for the honesty. Keep up the good work.
Sometimes I might discipline her, but with hope of her learning and growing. Sometimes I might yell at her, but with love. Sometimes she’ll shed tears and I have to hold my ground to be strong and embrace my disappointment, because that’s all I knew growing up with [...]
Everyone has a golden rule. Most live by do to others what you want them to do to you. But mine is the 80/20 rule which was introduced to me when I worked at Hertz as the Pareto principle. The 80/20 rule is simply explained as 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes [...]
Sometimes our worst enemies are our frenemies. You know the ones that are friends, but enemies at the same time because they are most likely envious of you and your potential. They will most likely use harm (bad vibes, negative thoughts, or sometimes action) to stop and [...]


All Value, All the Time


Let’s first be clear: There is no such thing as competition; if you stop and think about it for a moment, you'll come to realize that competition only takes place within your mind. Take the real estate industry for instance -- after spotting their dream home, many peo [...]
I am in the real estate industry. I remember my mother investing in properties back when I was a child. I eventually started officially in property and project management working for an investor about six years ago. I have always subscribed to the following investmen [...]
  I can't overstate the importance of these two words. We have officially left the microwave generation and entered into the wifi generation. Speed, speed, and more speed. Businesses need to respond within 1 hour to handle customer complaints, no matter the s [...]
Maybe it's our fault Roc; They didn't see the constant hustle and grind. I remember us going to Memorial Day weekend in Miami, you were up for 3 straight days. We had the boxes of shoes and you were selling them in front of the hotel room. While everyone was having a g [...]
Does that come as a shock?  I'm sure you know.  The saying goes nothing is for sure except Death and Taxes.  However, we don't act like it. We go about our daily life not paying attention to our health (both physical and mental) our spiritual life (i err on the si [...]