And the winner is...not you if you are still screaming "not my President" (Worldboss just wrote about this too!). Truth...he may not be your choice, he may not be the best guy for the job, he is not your Lord, but what he is the POTUS. Disgusting? Maybe. Ignorant? Maybe [...]
Why do people ask what is the best day of your life? Then they sit there and stare at you as if you're an idiot for not having ONE answer. I think it's backwards and it should be me looking at the idiot with one answer (some cases the depressed or misfortunate one) like [...]
Entrepreneurs are opportunists, but opportunists are not entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are ready for opportunities (sometimes creating opportunities), but more specifically opportunities to sell, invest, excel, defy conventional thinking, and change the world. Opportunis [...]
The questions and wonders I have as man haunts me day and night. I often regret never asking my grandfathers for any advice and information on becoming a man. My grandfather in New York in particular left me with so many unanswered questions or unasked questions on my p [...]
In the words of Earl Nightingale, “The opposite of courage is not fear, but it’s conformity.” All of our lives we are told what is best for us. It starts with get good grades, go to a good college and then get a good job. No one ever told you follow your passion a [...]


Gary Vaynerchuck!!! It still surprises me the amount of people whom are in an industry and don't know who this guy is.  Then I think i'm surprised how long it took me to find out about this person. (Cue Flashback memory) It all started with a Sponsored Instagr [...]
I am moody as f***.   something I can't deny. Most likely the reason I have to be so disciplined. My mood is just symptomatic of my feelings. I know those aren't necessarily real.  They are affected by my outside environment, weather, visual, or auditory stimulati [...]
A thought arose in my mind and I scanned the room several times and confirmed my sneaking suspicion. I was officially the "poorest" person in the room. I'm not missing a meal by any means and when your surrounded by financially successful individuals whom are happ [...]
That's right, Discipline and Consistency Those two words have to be some of the sexiest words in the dictionary...and I'll tell you why... We ultimately don't know where we are going. We push forward in hopes that it is the right direction. Sometimes we are going [...]
What the hell!!! My iPhone can't be messing up like this. My trucks shift cable  messes up and I was just by the mechanic earlier. Now I have to wait until Monday on Easter Sunday... just when my complaining was at an all time high... I look on my phone which is wor [...]